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Application and architecture solutions

Customer Relationship Management

We design and implement CRM solutions for commercial, marketing, and call centre activities, with specific attention paid to change management and the definition of working processes. This makes it possible to improve know-how and client relations, plan and manage campaigns, and effectively manage sales opportunities in every phase.

Management solutions

Management solutions

We design and implement Microsoft Dynamics AX solutions in the areas of manufacturing, supply chain, retail, and distribution.

Development and maintenance of ad hoc Web Applications

We develop and see to the maintenance of ad hoc web applications. Our support responds to the need to develop and maintain specific ad hoc applications in order to respond to certain needs not met by the traditional ERP systems.

Enterprise Content Management

This software technology makes it possible to acquire, manage, archive, and publish documents that regard corporate processes. These tools also make it possible to optimise management of non-structured information, whatever the location may be.

Cloud Computing

Design of private, hybrid, and public cloud models. Cloud computing is strategic for organisations which have a business model subject to significant fluctuations and which need constant technological innovation.

Mobile Solutions (APP)

Praxi IT designs and implements mobile business solutions to meet companies' specific needs. A careful analysis of the client's organisational needs and demands makes it possible to design customised solutions, created with the most advanced mobile technology, and perfectly compatible with corporate systems. PRAXI implements Enterprise services and solutions on the following platforms: iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone.

PRAXI is a sponsor of the Mobile Enterprise Observatory at Politecnico di Milano.

Technologies: Microsoft CRM, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Siebel, SharePoint, Microsoft .net, Xamarin, HTML5.