IT Consulting

Assessment of IT Systems

We perform an analysis meant to identify the critical issues and actions to take in improving organisation, processes, and architecture, through a structured methodology that has been tested throughout our 20 years of experience.

Business Process Management

Business Process Management

We develop projects aiming at improving and optimising corporate business processes, thanks to the support of technology and methods shared with the PRAXI Management Consulting Division.

We have gained strength through many years of experience in improving and optimising processes, combining a deep knowledge of the subject with a pragmatic work ethic.

Synergy with the Business Unit Lean Six Sigma , along with our knowledge of business technology, allow us to achieve fast, measurable results.

Project Management

We partner with our Clients in all activities connected to the management of IT projects. Assistance starts with an analysis of needs, goals, and available resources, to then proceed with the phases of design, implementation, and maintenance. We work with our Clients to build much more than a collaborative effort, but a real, long-lasting partnership, based on a trusting relationship, which allows both parties to achieve full success in each project.