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360° Training Management

Training Management

PRAXI has earned sound, relevant experience in supporting organisations seeking to develop their training systems, offering services in five different areas:

  • organisation or re-designing of the training and in-company know-how transmission process, with a view to boosting performance and measuring results more effectively
  • support for designing corporate academies
  • needs analysis and drafting of yearly and multi-year training plans
  • support for the design of courses for sharing company know-how
  • training for all the players in the training system (specialists, project leaders, organisational coordinators and in-house trainers).

Organisation or re-designing of training system
The aim of re-designing training processes is to turn investments in training into a new source of profits for the company.

The analysis of the company’s training goals and its existing training system are instrumental to devising a training process (needs analysis, trainer selection, implementation and assessment of results) in line with the company strategies, economic resources and commitment the company intends to invest.

Support for designing corporate academies
The smooth development of professional skills aimed at improving the efficacy and efficiency of all employees involved in company processes is an essential goal for businesses of a certain size.

PRAXI engages the top performers in the various professional fields (marketing, sales, finance, product development …) to assist companies in identifying operating processes, focusing on best practices, drafting shared document supports and developing a knowledge management system able to transmit know-how and assist experts in designing individual courses.

Support for the design of courses for sharing company know-how
Companies have a growing need to systematise and internalise the know-how held by their expert staff, in order to make it available throughout the company. This task is generally entrusted to in-house trainers, who are often too busy to guarantee the rapid, effective implementation of this priority objective. PRAXI trainers provide course planning support by interviewing the expert, analysing documents, designing and creating training support tools (handbooks, practical exercises, bibliographies) and holding a final discussion encounter. The company can thus rest assured that the course will be pertinent to the its particular situation, guaranteeing professional support to the in-house trainer to significantly reduce the time required for planning the course.

Needs analysis and drafting of yearly and multi-year training plans
PRAXI has provided needs analysis support to numerous clients, using the most appropriate tools and methods (individual interviews, focus groups, skills mapping, customer claim analysis, etc. ) to identify effective needs and design training solutions tailored to the needs of the companies and their staff.

The wide variety of survey methods used allows us to take on board a range of different points of view. Our aim is to engage the whole company in the process, not just the decision-makers, with the assistance of our PRAXI4People software and its skills mapping and training needs analysis modules.

PRAXI’s flexible approach is suitable for both large and small/medium businesses. A company with 3000+ employees might need to boost its human resources so as to reach targets faster, while smaller businesses might require expert figures for HRD and training. Whatever your needs, we pay special attention to the business sector (for which certified operators may be required, for instance), as well as the size, culture and training background of the company. All this information is then used to tailor training plans to specific requirements.

PRAXI assists many organisations by selecting trainers, ensuring training content and methods are consistent with company needs, organising planning activities, processing the results and producing summary reports on the appeal, impact and learning results of the training delivered.

Training of all the players in the training system (managers, specialists, project leaders, in-house trainers)
PRAXI provides all the players in the training system with its solid competencies, to ensure each individual the resources to perform their roles effectively:

  • for managers, the ability to identify training needs, the most effective way for staff to develop their skills, and tools to assess training impact
  • for specialists, a training management toolbox that can be updated to keep pace with the strategies of the organisation and with new developments in adult training methods
  • for in-house trainers (indispensable for spreading know-how throughout the company and for training customers to use company products), PRAXI offers assistance from professional trainers to ensure the best possible learning results.

Each trainer training activity is led by experts with extensive professional teaching and management training experience.