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Praxi Industrial

Machinery and Equipment

In almost a half century of business, Praxi Valuations and Advisory has conducted thousands of appraisals, developing a preeminently significant experience that makes us one of the most reputable and highly regarded players on the market. With a portfolio of over one thousand Clients, our assets have been valued at more than € 10 billion during the last three years.

Our Clients include Naples, Turin, and Venice airports, the Arena of Verona, Brembo, Carraro, Enel, ENI, Ferrero International, Italian State Railways, Guala, Henkel, Indesit (Merloni Electric Appliances), Italdesign-Giugiaro, Lavazza Coffee, Marcegaglia Group, the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Riello, Versace and Zucchi.

The services offered, often developed for international companies and well-organised and complex corporate structures, comprise:

  • Corporate assests valuation for spin-offs, mergers, incorporations, acquisitions, disposals, collateral, arbitration
  • Intangibles valuation: trademarks, patents, know-how, goodwill etc.
  • Preliminary valuation of corporate assets (new-for-old value and current value) for insurance cover (to safeguard corporate assets), eliminating the effects of the proportional rule (direct damage)
  • Preliminary valuation to cover risks of business interruption in order to safeguard the contribution/gross profit margin (indirect damage)
  • Assistance in preparing the proof-of-damage report for the company in the case of accidents/damage.
  • Analysis of corporate management assets:
    • - determination of fair value (IAS/IFRS)
    • - determination of useful and residual technical/financial life of assets
    • - allocation of merger deficit
    • - revaluation of corporate assets in pursuance of special laws
    • - physically identifying and coding assets
    • - inventory reconciliation (physical and accounting).
Energy Sector

Due Diligence and Valuations in the Energy Sector

PRAXI’s Energy Business Unit is made up of a group of Engineers with high-level expertise in energy, finance, legislation and environment who work in close cooperation with PRAXI experts on economic, financial and IT matters, and is partner of the most important players in the Renewable Energy sector, with services provided on about 1,000 projects for a total of over 2 GW of installed power. Independent experts from investment funds, specialised in renewable energy, complete the team of PRAXI professionals.

Our Clients include:

  • Investment Funds
  • Credit Institutes
  • Leasing Companies
  • Private Investors
  • Industrial and Commercial Companies
  • Public Administrations
  • Esco
  • O&M Contractors
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Asset Inventory

Praxi Valuations and Advisory assists manufacturers, services companies and public bodies/authorities in order to optimise the registration and management of tangible assets through physical inventories, analyses and accounting records.

This service is particularly important for the review/implementation of analytical accounting systems (introduction and updating of the cost centres plan, allocation of assets and relative depreciation/amortisation, and “clean up” of obsolete accounting records) as well as extraordinary company transactions (acquisitions, mergers, spin-offs), which require the allocation on the assets of the acquisition prices or merger deficits.

Physical inventory activities may be assisted, where appropriate, by the physical labelling of assets while reconciliation of accounting records requires close collaboration and interaction with the pertinent company departments in order to obtain the broadest possible and most inclusive picture of company assets, from both a technical/operational and an accounting/administrative perspective.

Generally, our service comprises the drawing-up or reviewing of the procedures for keeping the fixed asset register (acquisition of new assets, transfer or changes to existing assets, divestments) in order to extend over time the effectiveness and usefulness of the initial intervention.

Industrial Advisory

Industrial Advisory

Praxi Valuations and Advisory helps clients make strategic and business development decisions on extraordinary operations such as the planning of new industrial sites, delocalisation/relocation of existing activities, renewal of production cycles and processes, and launching new product lines etc.

Focusing on the aspects directly concerning tangible and intangible assets, PRAXI offers specific services to:

  • assist management on strategic investment choices
  • analyse current and potential earnings capacity of investments
  • carry ouy in-depth technical and economic analyses of investments on industrial systems
  • verify advantages of make-or-buy alternatives
  • establish potential realisable values of assets in divestment prosects.