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PRAXI Valuations – Global Independent Advisers: members from 11 countries gathered in Warsaw on September 27-28 for the 2019 Autumn Summit

Members from 11 countries gathered in Warsaw on September 27-28, for the PRAXI Valuations 2019 Autumn Summit.

- De Crombrugghe & Partners (Belgium)
- Colomer Expertises (France)
- Dr.Gleser & Dalhoefer (Germany)
- Arbitrage Real Estate Advisors (Greece)
- PRAXI (Italy)
- Polish Properties (Poland)
- Winterhill (Romania)
- Gesvalt (Spain & Portugal)
- REVA Real Estate Valuation & Advisory (Switzerland)
- Carter Jonas (United Kingdom)

Friday kicked off with Vito Crosetto, Chairman, Maurizio Negri, Director, and Chris Grzesik, Managing Director of Polish Properties and hosting Member. After a comprehensive look at the Polish real estate market, by Dorota Lachowska, Members welcomed newcomers David Howard and Victor Stan from Winterhill (Romania). Members focused on multiple facets of the ever evolving real estate valuations sector like digital transformation, AVMs, Highest and Best Use in today’s built environment and the growing importance of Sustainability.

“Collectively, we have an extraordinary opportunity to usher clients into a new era of Real Estate valuations, where valuers are uniquely positioned to act as trusted advisors due to their independence and objectivity” said Maurizio Negri, Director.

The PRAXI Valuations 2020 Spring Summit will take place on April 23-24, in Paris, France