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December 24, 2020

The National Museum of Cinema: among the cornerstones of the new strategic lines also the organization with the support of PRAXI

The National Museum of Cinema, one of the flagship of Italian cultural heritage, is planning a radical process of change and innovation for 2021. Among the main axes, the new organization and many initiatives: exhibitions and itineraries, a space dedicated to the founder of the Museum Maria Adriana Priolo, new retrospectives, the digital enhancement of the film library with a view to sustainability.

PRAXI contributed to designing the new organization thanks to an analysis conducted with the involvement of the whole staff, identifying the processes, evaluating the allocation of resources and the skills expressed by the staff, redesigning structure, roles and responsibilities, reallocating people based on individual skills and expectations and the need for resources in relation to the priorities defined with the Director and the Management Committee.

Thanks to the collaboration with PRAXI, already started two years ago, 2021 will see a new relaunch season twenty years after of the Foundation.